Immersion Cooling

Our chilled water-cooling solution makes integrating immersion cooling easy

Immersion cooling is an alternative cooling method where servers are fully immersed in a non-conductive cooling fluid. Lefdal Mine Datacenter has been working with several leading immersion cooling providers to ensure that we are ready to support clients who are seeking to utilize immersion cooling.

[Immersion Coooling Made Easy]

Several benefits then traditional cooling technologies

Immersion cooling provides several benefits vs more traditional cooling technologies:

• Very energy efficient, requiring just low powered pumps to circulate the fluid, which means that we can deliver a PUE of 1.1 or below

• Cools all the server components, not just the CPU and GPU, so only minimal air conditioning is required for the room

• Fluid prevents contamination and oxidization

• Near silent operation

• Removal of fans reduces server power requirements by 20-30%

• Containerized solutions are available offering densities >1MW in a standard 40-foot iso container for rapid deployment in our facility

• Operates with a much higher temperature delta than an equivalent air-cooled deployment

Our chilled water-cooling solution makes integrating immersion cooling easy – we only need to supply chilled water to the immersion tank CDU.

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