Secure Facility

Lefdal Mine Datacenter offers one of Europe’s most secure facilities. Our underground mountain hall facility has cutting edge infrastructure and operational procedures.

[Industry standards]


Our comprehensive security covers the entire internal site and the surrounding outdoor areas, based on well-established industry standards, including ISO 14001/9001/27001, Uptime Tier III, IBM Level 3, EN 56000, and NSM standards (National Security Authorities).

Our network security is designed in accordance with the best practices for data centers and utilizes state-of-the-art equipment. Management net, operation net and customer nets are physically and logically separated. Suppliers are approved by the relevant security authorities.


Physical Security

Specially trained security guards monitor the facility and the surrounding areas 24/7/365 and are responsible for our authentication process and intelligent camera systems.

• Mountain hall - single entry

• IT space located 600 meters inside a mountain

• Natural EMP protection of IT spaces

• Perimeter fencing and concrete walls

• High-security gates inside and outside the perimeter

• Integrated Point Monitoring + 2FA Control System

• CCTV surveillance of external and internal areas

• Alarm systems protect the area, both outside and underground

• Every person must carry a tracking device underground

• Security staff available – 24/7/365

• Security clearance of all persons entering the facility

• Customized physical security is available

Full control
From the control room, our security personnel (Security and Facility Manager, Head of Operations, and NOC team) can track every person both from tracking devices and cameras. If anyone attempts to enter a zone or open a door without the proper permission, the access control system will send a warning signal.

[Industry standards]

Design documentation

The design and documentation of our infrastructure installations are highly confidential and have not been shared externally.

LMD has placed great emphasis on providing a data center with comprehensive and balanced protection based on risk assessments. The basic security level of the data center is adapted to the requirements set out in the Norwegian Security Act. It can be scaled and adapted to all levels of classification for sensitive information, protected facilities, and infrastructure sites.

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