Cost Effective

Lefdal Mine Datacenter has developed a unique data center solution – “The industrialization of data centers”. Low cost and modularity in a scalable, green and secure facility.

Leading Green

Conditions in Norway are conducive to Norway becoming a “superpower” for green data centers. Lefdal Mine Datacenter offers Europe’s greenest data center solution.

Unique Security

The data center is an underground facility with leading infrastructure. The combination of the product itself, and Norway as location, ensures an unique secure facility.

High density

Lefdal Mine Datacenter offer an ideal location for HPC environments using cold water for cooling. Up to 50 KW/rack with leading low cost of power, cooling and space.


With 120.000 m2 one can reserve space for future growth, ensuring capital cost alignment and stability. We can deliver large-scale modular capacity “in weeks”, at low cost.


The flexibility is unique. Future possibilities with high density, all IT housing solutions, new security demands, and faster time to market.


Lefdal Mine Datacenter has a financial strong owner structure. The owners secure a sustainable funding of the operations and the comings expansions.


Reliability is everything in a data center. With 100 percent uptime SLAs, Lefdal Mine Datacenter ensures your data is always available and accessible.


In delivering an international data center product we have selected partners and suppliers that are globally leading in their respective industry.

Lefdal Mine Datacenter

Lefdal Mine is a new data center with 75 underground halls is set to open in Måløy Norway in August 2016 – becoming the biggest in Europe. The Lefdal Mine is located in the region Sogn og Fjordane between Måløy and Nordfjordeid. It is situated by a deep, cold fjord with a stable and ample supply of price leading CO2-neutral energy (hydroelectric).

The Norwegian Solution

Lefdal Mine Datacenter aim to exploit Norway and Lefdal Mine’s nature give advantages in terms of location, green power, the low cost of power and cooling, stable infrastructure and political environment to create the best datacenter facility in Europe. LMD is leading the development of “The Next Generation Datacenter”.