We offer space and capacity to your requirements.

Whatever your colocation requirements , Lefdal Mine Datacenter offers bespoke solutions. We offer space and capacity ranging from individual racks to purpose-built data halls. Whether you choose a designated area you develop yourself or an area where we install and operate the capacity for you: we will provide the right space and infrastructure for you on time and with a consistently high quality.

[Unique Flexibility]

Flexible Solutions

Our flexibility is unique. Our large space and advanced logistics allow us to host and operate different solutions in a cost-effective way. We can facilitate all known concepts for white space solutions in data halls. Our facility structure enables a streamlined solution for containers in all different shapes and sizes.

We can customize power density, temperature, humidity, operational equipment, tier levels, and all related services. Our water-based cooling solution enables high density computing up to 50 KW/rack with air cooling. Direct liquid cooling provides enough capacity to handle all known technologies and densities in the market. We are currently designing 400 kW/unit solutions.

[Easy Access]

Unique Logistics

Access roads to designated client areas allow the secure transportation and handling of IT equipment. The facility has specially designed electrical vehicles that handle up to 30 tons of fully loaded IT containers. Each data hall entrance is equipped with a loading ramp. We are fully equipped with all the necessary logistical equipment and machinery.

Perfect Capital Cost Alignment

Clients do not need to worry about growth. We deliver perfect capital cost alignment with increasing capacity, quickly, at low cost, and on time.

[ Designed Infrastructure]

Data Halls

We can offer entire data halls if you need a custom data center with specially designed infrastructure, own fire zones, security protocols, and floor plan layout. The halls are separate buildings on a shared backbone of power, cooling, and network infrastructure.

• Cost effective “room in room” solutions or concrete shells

• Up to 800 m2 whitespace per floor

• Our standard data halls are 12 meters wide, 4 meters high, and vary in length

• Time to market is 30-50 weeks

• Delivery models are raised floor up to racks ready for hardware with distributed power and cooling.

[Fully Equipped]


For clients requiring only a small number of racks, we can provide a fully equipped solution in a shared colocation suite through one of our partners. For solutions of 4 racks or more, we suggest a cage or a private suite. Our rack-based solutions support high and low-density requirements.

[Complete Control]


For clients that want to retain complete control over their environment, cages offer an additional layer of privacy. We can custom design and build the space and power density you need. Panel walls or mesh steel built from solid floor to ceiling provides physical security. Suitable for 4 racks or more.

[Stable and Efficient Platform]

Private Suits

Private suites offer a stable, efficient platform on which to build your personalized data center deployment. Custom suites offer autonomy and control of your IT requirements, as well as access to our many services and amenities.

Since private suites are housed within a colocation environment, clients have easy access to a host of interconnection options and the benefits of shared overhead cost efficiencies. Minimum 50 m2 or 300 KW capacity. Clients can either build the room according to their own design and with preferred suppliers and resources or we can take care of the design, buildout, and implementation.

How can we assist you?

We're here to help with all your needs, from server questions to purchasing advice. Let us know how we can assist you today – we're excited to help you find the perfect data mine solution!