Norway is unique with it's green, low-cost power.

With its large surplus production of green, low-cost power, Norway is unique. Its secure, accessible, and diversified energy supply is ranked number one in the world.

Norway has had some of the lowest energy prices in Europe during the last 20 years. Increasing production ensures that prices will also remain low in the future.

The national grid, connected to several hydropower plants near Lefdal Mine Datacenter, provides the facility with sufficient power for any foreseeable future.

[Minimal Loss]

Grid loss is at an absolute minimum

Our current power supply has a statistical reliability of 99.97% (over the last 15 years). The total power production in the area is presently 12.7 TWh (100 % renewable). The planned capacity for the data center will be ramped up in stages as the project develops.

98.5 % of all power production in Norway is hydroelectric. Norway produces nearly twice as much renewable energy as any other Nordic country.


Lefdal Mine Datacenter is connected to the main power grid on a 132kV voltage level with a dual supply, each expandable up to 200MW of capacity.


There are two main 22kV distribution busses, one for each of the systems A and B. The main distribution busses provide power to the IT load area on Level 3 of the mine and use separate pathways with at least 10m separation and contain fiber ducts used for all 22kV control systems.


The generator system

The generator system consists of n+1 generators with a capacity of 2MW with unlimited run hours and provides power at 22kV voltage level. A separate dedicated PMS system handles generator start-up, load balancing, and power management.

Substations for IT load

Each IT load area has a substation handling 22kV/400V transformation. RMU breakers in each substation supply multiple 22kV/400V 2MVA transformers. In a normal mode of operation, both A and B substations will be active and supply 400V power directly to the IT load. In maintenance mode one of the substations may be disconnected, during which time the full IT load will be supported by the remaining active substation.

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