Our Facility

Unique location inside a former mine

Lefdal Mine Datacenter is located on the west coast of Norway next to a deep, cold fjord with a stable and ample supply of low-cost CO2-neutral hydropower. We have excellent links to the local road network, shipping ports, communication, and fiber networks. There are local airports nearby and a helipad on site.

Located inside a former mine

our data center consists of six levels divided into 75 chambers with a potential white space area of up to 120,000 m2

We are set to increase capacity on Levels 2, 3, and 4, each of which is an underground city of data centers.

Our outdoor property is protected by concrete walls, perimeter fencing and high-security gates. Generators, office buildings, a 24/7 security team,

and other related technical infrastructure are located above ground.

The Spiral

The Spiral provides access to each level. There are no pedestrian routes. An electric car service is available from the main gate to the designated customer area.

Each level has a central access road — called an “avenue"

The avenue provides direct access to vacant chambers on each level, known as ‘streets’, which vary in depth (average 100 meters). The streets are mountain halls where we can build out housing solutions.

Each street can be seen as an independent data center sharing power and cooling backbone with the other data centers.

Level 3 security gate at the entrance

There is a third high-security gate at the entrance to Level 3. Cooling, power, and network backbone infrastructure is located in the first three streets. Streets 4 to 14 are reserved for data centers. We offer purpose-built data halls in up to three floors and IT containers.

The capacity for Level 3 is 80 MW. Once we are close to using all the capacity on one level, we begin to build out the next level.

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