Direct Liquid Cooling

We are is ideally suited to support DLC deployments.

Direct Liquid Cooling (DLC) is now required for the latest high-performance chipsets in order to dissipate the heat generated by TDP’s of 1000w or more. Failure to effectively deal with these cooling demands will at best result in performance limitations and at worst in hardware failures.

Since AI/ML compute environments can cost hundreds of millions to build, you need to be sure that they can be cooled effectively when running at 100% capacity in order to extract the best possible performance and ROI.

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Fjord-supplied Water

Lefdal Mine Datacenter is ideally suited to support DLC deployments. Our unique cooling system using fjord-supplied chilled water is perfect for supporting DLC. Our cooling solution can deliver chilled water directly to the CDUs, whether they are in rack, or you are using floor level CDUs, enabling large scale DLC deployments.

In contrast, deploying DLC at scale into an air-cooled data center often requires the use of side-car cooling racks. Side-car coolers effectively double the rack footprint, which in turn spreads the compute racks out, increasing data cabling length. All things that are best avoided where possible.

Together with our cooling solution, DLC allows our clients to extract the best possible performance from their hardware and maximize ROI.

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Why Choose DLC at Lefdal Mine Data Centers?

• Highly efficient chilled water system is ideal for integrating Direct Liquid Cooling CDUs and maximizes the advantages of DLC.

• PUE of below 1.15 when using DLC

• Chilled water system is powerful enough to handle the largest DLC deployments

• Supply water temperatures can be as low as 17 C, or warmer if required

• Existing relationships with multiple DLC vendors and equipment manufacturers

• Experienced team that has experience in deploying DLC solutions

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