Air Cooling

We specializes in building high density environments for air cooled HPC

Lefdal Mine Datacenter specializes in building high density environments for air cooled HPC, AI/ML and GPU deployments. Our very first customer was an air cooled HPC environment. Since then, we have evolved our modular data hall designs to where we are now delivering 200+ rack, 10MW halls with an average density of 50kW/rack.

Going forward we will reach even greater densities while continuing to deliver a PUE of 1.15, and industry leading TCO with build costs half of what our competitors offer in major European markets.

[ Unique Chilled Water System]

We deliver highly effecient data halls

We can deliver highly efficient, high-density air-cooled data halls thanks to our unique chilled water system which delivers 17C water without the use of compressors. Our cooling can interface with any water to air cooling solution, but we have had excellent results using Rittal LCP in-row cooling units, which are our most deployed cooling solution.

Rear door head exchangers are also being widely deployed in our facility. Our chilled water system also makes it easier to integrate liquid cooling into existing air-cooled data halls, both DLC and Immersion, in the future.

[Flexibility To Suit Your Needs]

Why Choose Air-Cooled Data Halls?

• PUE of 1.15 with air cooling

• Lowest TCO in the industry

• Advanced designs deliver 50kW per rack or more

• Flexibility in design to use in-row coolers, rear door heat exchangers, or any kind of water to air cooling system

• Experienced team that has designed, built, and operated high-density air-cooled data halls

How can we assist you?

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