High performance computing, also known as HPC, is a computer with a high level of performance compared to a general-purpose computer. Another name for this particular kind of computer is supercomputer.

It is mainly used in cloud computing, and can be an efficient way to store and access important information compared to having an internal data infrastructure.

The General Idea of What HPC Is

HPC is measured in floating-point operations per second (FLOPS). There are supercomputers that can perform up to nearly a hundred quadrillion FLOPS. This means at least a hundred petaFLOPS. To put this in perspective, an average computer with a decent graphic card can calculate around 109 gigaFLOPS. That is an estimated 83,040,000,000 FLOPS or 10^9, while supercomputers are 10^15. In other words, the supercomputers are one of the most powerful computers available currently. At this present moment there is research being conducted in China, the U.S, the EU, Taiwan and Japan to build even more powerful supercomputers.

HPC is mainly used in cloud computing. Cloud computing means a shared pool of configurable computer system resources. This is at a higher level, and can be rapidly provisioned with a minimal management effort, often over the Internet. This makes it highly profitable and sustainable for both the distributor and user.

HPC Makes Organizations More Efficient

With HPC, different organizations are able to focus on their core business instead of using expensive resources on developing an advanced computer infrastructure. HPC aids enterprises at getting their applications to run at a considerably higher speed, improving the manageability while at the same time reducing the maintenance.

HPC computers usually aim for the maximum capability, rather than capacity. A capability computer will be able to solve a single large problem in the fastest time possible, and is at this moment, the only kind of computer that is able to do this specific task. This can have both advantages and disadvantages. HPC is capability computing, while other computers are capacity computers. These capacity computers are frequently referred to as more cost efficient. However, these are not able to solve larger issues. Even though their capacity is somewhat good compared to their cost, they can’t be compared to the technological prowess that is provided by supercomputers. The HPCs can provide several users at once, with minimal delay.

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Lefdal Mine Datacenter

At Lefdal Mine, we help our clients with installation of supercomputers as well as providing cloud services. We provide these services and will take care of your advanced IT requirements through our HPC services. If you are an owner of a small or large business with the urgency of a highly sophisticated IT installation, but where it is needed for only one specific area, an HPC service provided by an external IT partner could be highly beneficial.

The reward of installing supercomputers is that it is profitable if services through the HPC can be offered to other companies in need. This type of business models have been spreading across the globe, and benefits both the user and the provider economically. We are here to help, regardless of what situation you are in.

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Other Services

Lefdal Mine works constantly to provide more cost-efficient services for our clients. Our exceptionally efficient employees have a lot of experience and knowledge, and will provide the best services for our customers. Some of our other services include:

Project Management

Our employees help our customers with project management, when it is needed. We have the knowledge to help with tricky situations and intricate installations. We can recommend design, and use the correct solutions to meet the requirements of the costumer. With us, you only need to focus on your data and not your data center. We take care of the more complex parts of your IT equipment, ensuring that your company can use the manpower in other fields. We install the infrastructure needed for you in a cost-efficient way.

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Regular Whitespace

Lefdal Mine provides “unlimited” space, power and cooling. We rent designated areas to our customers and can tailor these to our customers needs. Your requirements are some of the most important things we take into consideration while working. You can choose between an area you design for yourself, or one we provide for you. Either way, the area will be of dependable quality and will be ready for usage on the time agreed upon. If you are concerned about the ability to grow in our whitespace facility, there is no need to be worried. Lefdal Mine has 120.000 m^2 in our repertoire. Growing will be no issue whatsoever.

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Can we assist you with our services? You can contact us through our website, and we will provide the services needed for you.