Data Center

Lefdal Mine Datacenter offers one of the most cost effective, secure, flexible, and green data center solutions in Europe.

We offer one of the most cost effective, secure, flexible, and green data center solutions.

Our location and expertise deliver excellent value. Norway has a large local surplus of low-cost renewable power.

We offer a world leading cooling solution, low construction costs, natural EMP security, large spaces with unique scalability, flexible solutions, and ICT expertise, ensuring high quality products and services.


We have the possibility to expand and build out 120,000 m2 of whitespace in the facility and house up to 200 MW capacity. With our modular design, time to market is low. Clients can reserve space and capacity for future growth.

Cost Effective

We offer one of the lowest total cost of operations (TCOs) in Europe, as much as 50% lower than other data centers.

Unique Security

We offer one of Europe’s most physical secure data center facilities in an underground mountain hall facility with a single entrance. The IT spaces are located 700 meters inside the mountain, providing natural EMP protection. Our security concept covers the entire internal site and surrounding external areas.


We can facilitate all known concepts for white space solutions. The facility structure enables a streamlined solution for IT containers in different shapes and sizes in a cost-effective way.

In addition, we can customize power density, temperature, humidity, operational equipment, tier levels, and all related services.

Low-cost renewable power

Norway has some of the least expensive power in Europe. Long term contracts are available. 100% of our local power production is renewable and the transmission loss is at an absolute minimum.

High Density

- We utilize the cold fjord next to the facility for cooling. The cold water interacts with heat exchangers and a closed freshwater circuit providing 2N chilled water under the raised floor. Inline cooling is used for transforming the cold water to cold air, enabling densities up to 50 KW/rack of air cooling.

Using direct-liquid cooling or immersion cooling, we offer the highest densities in the market.

More Sustainable

We operate one of Europe’s greenest data centers. Sustainability is at the core of our mission and values. In addition to running on renewable power and operating with some of the world's best PUE, we have zero CO2 emission, and our footprint is limited. We use an existing mine and expanding capacity requires little materials.

The main part of our facility is not visible in the natural surroundings. There is no need for evaporative systems for cooling and our WUE (Water Usage Effectiveness) is close to zero.

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