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The Network Operation Center (NOC) is a central location from which LMD supports its computer network and telecom infrastructure, detects and resolves IT infrastructure incidents, and ultimately ensures data center availability.

The NOC team consists of dedicated and highly skilled resources with 24/7 support that provide a professional, seamless, and a reliable service. The team works directly with clients to oversee their complex networking environments, including servers, databases, firewalls, devices, and related external services.

The team will quickly deal with issues that could impact performance and is trained to perform updates, maintenance, and improvements related to network performance.

[Tasks and Operations]

NOC Capabilities

The NOC oversees network systems to manage data storage, update software, and ensure connectivity. Here are some of the tasks and operations it performs:

• Updating, troubleshooting, and installing software on systems connected to the network

• Managing IT infrastructure and equipment

• Backing up data and ensuring its accessibility on the network

• Providing antivirus support

• Monitoring firewall and network security software

• Patch management

• Emailing management services

• Network monitoring, including analyzing the health of the network, reporting on performance and network optimization

• Disaster recovery

Duty Roster

The NOC team adheres to a roster with 3 shifts of 9 hours, ensuring that sufficient resources are available on site 24/7. Each shift has a minimum of 1-hour overlap to complete a formal handover.

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