Lefdal Mine Datacenter is now open – 45 MW

Lefdal Mine Datacenter has completed the build out of Phase 1, and a cooling capacity of 45 MW is ready for use. The mountain hall facility sets a new standard for the data center industry. Lefdal Mine Datacenter is unprecedented in terms of cost effectiveness, security, and flexibility. The large space, combined with modular design enables a unique time to market, and the combination of cheap and renewable power leads to predictable, low cost for customers. The technical solution is developed together with technology partners Rittal and IBM. The first customers go live in Q3.



The flexibility at Lefdal Mine Datacenter is unique, in terms of available space as well as different technical solutions. The large space and capacity, 16 meters roof height in the mountain halls and the related logistics allows different cost effective product solutions. LMD has a potential of 120.000 m2 of net whitespace and 200+ MW IT capacity, delivered in container solutions or traditional white space. This enables customers to get a “pay as you grow” model, with no risk of paying for capacity not needed.

“We can facilitate all known concepts for white space solutions and the facility structure enables a streamlined solution for containers in different shapes and sizes says Jørn Skaane, CEO at Lefdal Mine Datacenter. We can also customize power density, temperature, humidity, operational equipment, Tier level and all related services ensuring the right solution for all our customers, says Skaane. I want to thank both Rittal and IBM for their contribution to the design and the build out process, and for contributing with their global leading products and services into our ecosystem.”


Lefdal Mine Datacenter will be one of Europe’s most secure data centers. They offer a Tier III data center service. The data is protected inside EMP secure mountain halls. The facility has access from two single points of entry. This offers a high level of natural security and access control. The design and documentation of infrastructure installations are highly confidential and there is specially trained security staff onsite 24/7.

“We acknowledge the increase in demand for high secure data center capacity, and foresee a future where governments and private sector invest in solutions guaranteeing uptime and proper solutions for back-up and disaster recovery, says Jørn Skaane, CEO at Lefdal Mine Datacenter”.


Over the next months, Lefdal Mine datacenter will gradually start to move in customers. Some of the first international customers moving in are:

iNNOVO Cloud, a German cloud provider moving in with high density IT containers. The first installment will be up and running in September serving both Norwegian and International clients with their cloud portfolio.

LocalHost AS, a leading fully managed service provider on the west coast of Norway, has bought the first Rittal Rimatrix 6 container, and will provide single rack and smart hands services from Lefdal Mine.

Fortuitus AG, a Swiss technical infrastructure project financing company, are installing 4MW of immersion cooled HPC infrastructure into the mine in Q3 2017, to support FinTech applications for European customers.

Lefdal Mine Datacenter offers different types of IT environments, and will deploy Open19 in the facility. This is a new way to build out data center capacity. An open platform that can fit any 19” rack environment for servers, storage and networking. Lefdal Mine Datacenter will offer “Servers slots as a Service”.

IBM will offer their Resiliency Services from Lefdal Mine Datacenter.

For more information, please contact Mats Andersson, CMO Lefdal Mine Datacenter – see contact information below – or visit our web page www.lefdalmine.com.


Best regards,
Jørn Skaane


Managing Director – Lefdal Mine Datacenter AS
Mobile: +47 481 02 409
E-mail: jorn.skaane@lefdalmine.com



Mats Andersson
Marketing Director – Lefdal Mine Datacenter AS
Mobile: +47 416 96 496
E-mail: mats.andersson@lefdalmine.com


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