Lefdal Mine Datacenter expand power capacity with 60 MW

Lefdal Mine Datacenter have added 60 MW power capacity to our underground data center campus in Norway. With a connection to the regional 132 kV power network, the facility increases the available power to the data center from 20 MW to 80 MW. 20 MW is reserved for current customers.


When expanding the power capacity, Lefdal Mine Datacenter decided to build the transformers in separated mountain halls deep inside the mountain. Main reason for this is to secure the transformers and prevent access. Access either by people or by drones/other unfriendly activity. We see in the world today that investing in protecting the power infrastructure is needed. With this Lefdal Mine Datacenter strengthens the position as one of the most secure data centers in the Nordics.

Modular growth

The power capacity has been expanded in modules of 30 MW transformers. Mountain halls are prepared for future expansions. New transformers will be installed when expanding total facility capacity. Last mile grid has been reinforced to 200 MW and is constructed with separated entry points and drilled pathways to the transformer locations.

Leading low power price in Europe

Lefdal Mine Datacenter owns the transformers, and they are connected directly on the 132 kV power grid. This secures our clients a low cost of power transmission which is a part of the total power cost. Lefdal Mine Datacenter offers a leading low power price in Europe and expect the long-term pricing to be around 3,8 cent/kWh.