Iaas is an acronym for “Infrastructure as a Service”. IaaS, per definition, is a form of cloud computing (hosted servers over the Internet) that provides virtualized computing resources over the internet.

IaaS and its functions

In the iaaS model, a provider of cloud will host the infrastructure components. IaaS provides the following services:

  • Servers and storage
  • Networking firewalls/security
  • Datacenter physical building

Operating through IaaS has been proven to be less costly than other methods. The IaaS model makes it easier to operate a workload without having to buy, manage or support underlying infrastructure. Today it is one of the most easily scalable IT solutions.

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A typical IaaS can provide the following benefits:

No hardware CAPEX
IaaS is set up and maintained by a cloud provider, saving time and cost.

With IaaS there is little to no trouble with scaling. There are no delays in expanding
capacity, and no waste in unused capability.

Location independence
Thanks to the Internet, the service can be accessed from everywhere. As long as you are connected to the internet you can connect with ease.

Utility style costing
You only pay for the resources you actually use. This makes it exceedingly less expensive and more straightforward to manage.

Physical security of data centre location

No single point of failure
Due to the magnitude of the hardware resources, the chances of failure are infinitesimal. Should one aspect of the service stop working, it will not affect the rest.

Businesses can lease and or buy infrastructure through other companies. Lefdal Mine provides a customer specific set application as well as software enabling platforms.

Where can IaaS be used?

Internal Business Networks

Using IaaS as a business can ensure a place to store data and run applications with ease. An expanding business can scale the infrastructure simultaneously with the growth.

Virtual Datacenter´s (VDC)

IaaS offers a virtualized network where it is possible to operate sophisticated cloud hosting as well av enhanced IT infrastructure and integrated options.

Here at Lefdal Mine, we provide other services to our customers. We build strong relationships with our customers by providing them a good experience, and your experience with us is of high significance. Our employees are constantly working on providing cost-efficient services to benefit both parties during our partnership. We want to help you the best we can. All our services are of high quality, and our employees will make sure to serve you at the time agreed.


Rittal has specifically designed containers/modules tailored to perfection for the Lefdal Mine Datacenter. The Standard Modules contain the following:

  • Server racks
  • Raised floor
  • LPC’s
  • PDR racks
  • Network racks

The modules can fit in designated areas for IT equipment. Examples can be IT containers, data halls or security rooms.


The Lefdal Mine is located in the region Sogn og Fjordane between Måløy and Nordfjordeid. It is situated next to a deep fjord. today the mine consist of 75 chambers shared in an area of 120.000 m^2.

The area allows for placement of containers. These can be stacked in three heights and. With the amount of space we have, there should be no issue in growing your infrastructure. There is plenty of space to use.

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Project management

Our educated team will take care of the installation for you. We can assist you in design and manage your project. Our employers help with the more intricate parts of your installation if needed. We take your wishes into consideration, and will offer you project management.

Why Lefdal Mine?

Our unique location gives us the advantage to use green power and low cost when it comes to power and cooling. This helps us in being a dependable datacenter facility. Our slogan is:

“To offer the most cost effective, secure, flexible and green datacenter solution in Europe”

Focusing on renewable energy is one of our most important priorities when building our company. We know that it is worth investing in new and more climate-friendly solutions. These have over the years been proven to be more sustainable and profitable. Helping you grow your own datacenters and IaaS will be done in a “greener” way.


Data is valuable. We at Lefdal Mine put a lot of effort into our high security system so we can guarantee that all the data you keep at our mine is safe. We have special trained security that monitors the facility every day, 365 days a year. Because our premises are under the ground and inside a mountain it’s much easier to ensure that all the data we keep are safe. Not only are the facility monitored from the outside, we have control rooms that are being guarded 24/7. To move between the different rooms and areas inside our mine you need a card, thats to make sure that no one have access to places where they should not be.

We want to be prepared for everything, and that’s why all of out IT areas are provided with a fully automatic fire and smoke detection system. We also have automatic detectors in every container to protect personnel and equipment. The detection system detects fire, smoke and heat at a very early stage, and because of this, we can control the issue as soon as it is detected.


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