Hannover / Lefdal, May 6th 2021 – go2cloud has signed a contract of 4,5 MW data center capacity at Lefdal Mine Datacenter. go2cloud is a German-based company provisioning High Performance Computing Services to its international customers in the enterprise segment. go2cloud has contracted 16 IT containers. The deployment has started and will be completed by Q2 this year.

Oliver Gustai, CEO go2cloud, said: “With our global reach and continued growth, Lefdal Mine Datacenter provides the ideal production environment for go2cloud. For our enterprise customers, for whom a high level of security must be ensured, Lefdal Mine Datacenter with its various Tier levels and production environments is the optimal partner to form the basis of our successful work.”

“We are working in the field of high-performance computing involving highly computationally intensive and energy-demanding applications. Therefore, we are also pleased to have found a unique location in Lefdal Mine Data Center as one of Europe’s greenest data center solutions.”

Jørn Skaane, CEO Lefdal Mine Datacenter, said: “We are honored that go2cloud has chosen Lefdal Mine Datacenter as their data center provider. The go2cloud services are based on the latest and most evolving infrastructure in the métier of high-performance computing. Coupled with its broad, innovative product range, it develops high-quality and flexible solutions in the field of cloud computing.

“Lefdal Mine Datacenter as the “Norwegian solution” is future proof. Higher densities, renewable power, low production costs, and the increased demand for security are all emerging market trends were Lefdal Mine Datacenter has market-leading solutions for their clients”.



Lefdal Mine Datacenter is based in Norway and is owned by Columbia Threadneedle Investments and Rittal. The data center has a potential of 120.000 m2 of net whitespace and 200+ MW DC capacity. With 10 MW capacity already installed, LMD is one of the leading data centers in the Nordics. The mountain hall facility sets a new standard for the data center industry. LMD is unprecedented in terms of cost effectiveness, security, and flexibility. The large space, combined with modular design enables a unique time to market, and the combination of cheap and renewable power leads to predictable, low cost for customers.



The go2group is a global high-performance cloud provider headquartered in Hannover, Germany. The company’s goal is to provide high performance computing services related to artificial intelligence, gaming, big data analytics, blockchain, research and other compute-intensive applications, tasks and workflows. Its unique selling point: Data centers for European applications are operated exclusively in Europe to meet local security requirements. Nevertheless, the company also operates globally and offers its services worldwide.


For more information, please contact us

Jørn Skaane

CEO – Lefdal Mine Datacenter AS

Mobile: +47 481 02 409

E-mail: jorn.skaane@lefdalmine.com


Ben Selier

CSO – go2group

Mobile: +49 (151) 26524258

E-Mail: info@go2cloud-hpc.de