A datacenter is simply a designated area where computing and networking equipment are situated. Their purpose is to collect, distribute or allowing access to large amounts of data. They are also frequently referred to as server farms. This is due to the fact that there are large amounts of servers being stacked in a row.

The fundamentals of Datacenters

They can store and serve up websites, run E-mail and instant messaging services, provide cloud storage and applications.

Nearly every business or government needs their own datacenter, or access to someone else. Some build their own, or rent them at a colocation facility. At Lefdal Mine we can build your next datacenter at our premises, run your applications or cloud storage at one of our own centers.

How datacenters work

Technology is getting more powerful and the components needed for IT infrastructure are getting smaller. As technology keeps evolving rapidly, this constantly pushes companies to outsource to other companies abilities to deliver their services efficiently.

Any entity that has any sort of need for IT equipment needs to store their data and information somewhere, and the best places to do so is at datacenters. And the need for a place to store data have grown in the past years. This is the result of an unending growth of data, and the volume of data is at and all time high and needs to be stored somewhere. If we put this into perspective, there was approximately 1.8 ZB (zettabyte) of digital information stored in the world in 2011. That increased to 2.8 ZB in 2012, and is estimated to reach at least 40 ZB in 2020. With a datacenter service, all this can be stored and maintained with ease.

Datacenters can be built in containers or other designated facilities. These can be small or large depending on the amount of infrastructure or other IT equipment needed. At Lefdal Mine, we provide all services regarding this. The services include colocations, containers, HPCs and management services. The colocations are private providers of cloud services, but it is also possible to use public cloud providers like Amazon or Google.

Our services

Our main priority is that our services are cost-efficient. We want our customers to have the best experience when working with us. We provide everything surrounding datacenter. Our goal is to make it as easy as possible for our customers to save their data at a safe place.

  • Containers

    We build most datacenters inside containers at our mine. These can be stacked in heights of three, they are also super easy to install and move.

  • Project management

    We offer our expertise when building your new datacenter. With project management, we can assist you with design and installation based on your company requirements and needs.

Why Lefdal Mine?

Our vision is to offer cost-efficient and flexible solutions to our customers. We offer the best terms when it comes to location, low cost services, power and cooling. We have over the past few years been investing in renewable energy. This has proven to be more sustainable and less expensive. This helps us in offering the cheapest, yet best power possible to our customers. We have 350 MW of renewable power and access to a facility where there is 2500 MW of power. Our unique ability to focus on greener power has made us the to become one of the greenest datacenters in Europe. Our vision is devoted to our customers, and we will always contribute to creating greener solutions that benefit both the future of the world as well as our customers.

We also have a tremendous amount of space for you to develop a datacenter. The ability to grow has never been easier when there is 120.000 m^2 of space available. And because the mine is already there, we are able to offer low cost of the land, reducing a tremendous amount of expenses when we are building a data center. We will always make sure that everything is as it should be. Therefore, we have special trained security that monitors the facility 24/7. We also have air conditioning so the system won’t get too overheated.

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