Colocation Centre is a great alternative if you or your company do not have the opportunity to have your own datacenter. With an in-house option, you would not get the same benefits as you do when you use a third party centre. When using a colocation centre, you get access to higher levels of bandwidth, but at a lower cost.

The Idea

Colocation centre, also known as colo or “carrier hotel”, is a data centre where customers can rent equipment, space and bandwidth. One of the reasons why it is so convenient is that you do not have to worry about cooling, space or security because the third party will take care of this. The whole idea is that it is supposed to be as easy as possible for the customer.

Customers are granted the possibility to control and design their use of the IT equipment. These are things that are easier for the customer to take care of themselves, and therefore it is in their hands. Meanwhile, the foundation of the colocation centre is managed daily by the provider.

Our Facility

Location is very important to make sure that the colocation centre have the best conditions and that the data is securely stored. Our centre is located in Sogn og Fjordane, in the West coast of Norway. Here, we can easily access CO2- neutral energy, which is the price leading energy that is called hydroelectric.

We have a lot of space divided on several floors. all in all our space area is 120.000 m2.

Different types of services

  • Container

    What makes our facility special, is the opportunity to place container on each side of the road with a transportation route right in the middle. The use of containers makes it easy to install or replace if necessary.

  • Data halls

    When using this service, we can offer many different solutions. Together with IMB and Rittal, we have developed a option based on three floors of whitespace in three stories concrete buildings. The concrete buildings are built inside the mine. One of our priorities is that we want the construction costs to be low, which they are. You can get a building with 2-2.500 m2 of net whitespace. We want to provide our customers the opportunity to choose what the best options possible for them, therefore you can rent one Base unit (Cage) up to an entire building.

  • Shelters – Security room

    This solution is super easy and quick. You also have the opportunity to move the shelters.

  • Green Power

    We want to be as green as possible, and therefore 98.5 % of our power is hydroelectric. We are proud of the fact that Norway produces nearly twice as much renewable energy as any other Nordic country.

  • Security

    High security is very important in a facility as big as ours. We have special trained security that monitors the facility every day, 365 days a year. We also have a very good and secure system for fire detectors that can detect fire, smoke and heat at a early stage to make sure no equipment or any of our workers are harmed.


Do you want to know more about our facility and services? Contact us through our contact form! We are looking forward to hear from you.