High Security

Lefdal Mine Datacenter aim to offer one of Europe’s most secure data center facilities. The data center is an underground mountain hall facility with leading infrastructure. The design and documentation of the infrastructure installations are highly confidential and are not shared externally. The Uptime Institute Tier III standard, and IBM Level 3 has been used as references for the technical solution.

Security and Access Control

The facility is accessed from two single points of entry above ground. Specially trained security forces will monitor the facility and the surrounding areas 24/7/365 and are responsible for our three-stage authentication process and intelligent camera systems.

Each container, white space area and street will be provided with intrusion detection and activation of any security device shall alarm at the main panel instructing staff to investigate. The alarm will be CCTV to provide instant visual surveillance and event viewing/recording by the security staff.

In the office building the control room will monitor all areas and be manned 24 hours a day/7 days a week. CCTV Images can be viewed locally on monitors in addition to being recorded and stored locally on a hard disk recorder (DVR) with a minimum capacity for one week’s normal use.

Each avenue, street, container and white space area will have card access system. The system will use proximity based smart cards that will provide door status, automatic door locking and access control within restricted areas.

All visitors and vendors must be scheduled to come to the building for any delivery, to provide maintenance, installation or services to building systems or IT components. They must also show picture identification, sign in and out at the main entrance Security Desk, and may not gain access to the premises unless they are greeted and accompanied by an employee of LMD.

Fire and Smoke Detection / Control

All IT areas are provided with a fully automatic fire and smoke detection system, and every container is provided with automatic detectors to protect personnel and equipment. The fire and smoke detection system detects fire, heat and/or related smoke production at a very early stage. The system then alerts the emergency team and the building personnel and activates devices to react with appropriate measures within acceptable response times.

Fire Suppression

The data center will have a high-pressure water mist fire suppression installation, inert gas and oxygen reduction system. The system comprises a high-pressure pump unit, stainless steel tubing and the necessary sprinkler heads in each designated area. The installation is designed to provide a maximum fire suppression performance with a minimum water usage.


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