Why LMD?

Lefdal Mine Datacenter is exploiting it’s nature given advantages in terms of location, green power, the low cost of power and cooling, stable infrastructure and political environment to create the best data center facility in Europe. Our vision is:

“To offer the most cost effective, secure, flexible and green datacenter solution in Europe”

Several key differentiators build up our unique value proposition.

Power – Renewable, stable and at low cost

LMD is located near 350 MW renewable power production. In addition, the national grid is next to the facility with a capacity of 2 500 MW. There is a surplus power production in the region of 6.7 TWh. Long term power prices are available.

Effective cooling solution – PUE 1.15

The LMD cooling solution will enable the facility to run with an industry leading PUE guaranteed at 1.15 – 24/7/365.

Leading green

LMD is Europe’s greenest data center. In addition to running on renewable power and operating with low PUE, the CO2 emission is zero and the footprint limited. The mine is already there and the material required to build out capacity is low. The main part of the facility is not visible to the surroundings. There is no need for evaporative systems for cooling and the WUE (Water Usage Effectiveness) is zero.

Unique scalability

LMD have the possibility of building out 120.000 m2 of whitespace in the facility. Clients are able to reserve space and capacity for future growth with limited investments. LMD offer a perfect capital cost alignment increasing capacity in the facility fast, at low cost, when needed.

Low cost of space

The mine is already there. Cost of land is limited, and the investments needed to secure redundant power and network infrastructure and to build out the cooling solution were low cost. The mine gives a high level of natural EMP security and there is limited need for perimeter fencing and other investments in physical security. The construction cost pr. MW is leading in Europe – 30-50% lower than standard DC build out – yet bringing a Tier III product to the market.

Flexibility – Growth, density and product solutions

The flexibility is unique, with a “pay as you go” capacity. The large space and the logistics allows different product solutions in a cost effective way. We can facilitate all known concepts for white space solutions and the facility structure enables a streamlined solution for containers in different shapes and sizes. Lefdal Mine Datacenter can customize power density, temperature, humidity, operational equipment, tier level and all related services. The water based cooling solution enables high density computing up to 50 KW/rack. The size and the formation of the mine and the infrastructure design allows single location – dual site solutions.


• Cooling system with dual chilled water feeds
• Power distribution based on 22kV
• Generators with capacity to supply the full load of data center
• PMS/EMS systems control and monitor generator and grid supply with regards to load
• Modular UPS system supporting flexible client configuration
• BMS system allowing clients to monitor and review relevant statistics and metrics
• Dual Meet-Me rooms with separate feeds from multiple operators
• Security and access control managing and registering access to facility and systems
• Physical security barriers preventing unauthorized access
• Intrusion detection system to detect and report breach of physical barriers
• Security services with trained personnel for enforcing, maintaining and responding to security events
• Site wide fire detection with local VESDA and fire suppression systems
• Modular white space by Rittal with highly flexible client options


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6700 Måløy
Phone: +47 57 02 08 00