Grand Opening 10th of May

Lefdal Mine Datacenter will officially open on the 10th of May. Together with our technology partners Rittal and IBM, we have developed a unique data center design. The cooperation has resulted in one of Europe’s most cost effective, secure, green and flexible data center facilities. The size of the facility and the modular design also introduces a leading edge scalable solution.

Norway has a strong value proposition, and the Norwegian Government has recognized the possibility of establishing Norway as a preferred DC location for International operators. At the ceremony, the Government will be represented by the Minister of Petroleum and Energy.

IBM and Rittal are two global companies with market-leading products in the datacenter industry. Lefdal Mine Datacenter, IBM and Rittal share the same vision for the future solutions for the DC industry. The shared competence and the aggregated benefits has led to a shift of paradigm – the industrialization of data centers.

Amongst the specially invited guests are Government representatives, industry leaders and Global IT companies contributing to the ecosystem as partners, customers and potential customers.

Racks for IT containers

The first racks for IT containers have been installed and are ready for operation.

The width of the streets allows placement of containers on both side of the street with a transportation route in the middle. The height of the streets is 17 m and the containers are racked in 3 heights.

Using container-based solutions provides a rational production remotely, quick installation in the facility and the equipment can easily be replaced or moved.

The facility has special designed electrical vehicle that handle up to 30 tons fully loaded IT containers.

Underground data halls

The first panel based data hall has been installed.

The data halls are designed by Rittal and are 12 meter wide, 4 meters tall and variable in length. 30 to 70 meters, or 360 to 840 m2 raised floor.

Time to market is 6 to 8 weeks for the building itself. It can either be bought directly or leased as “raised floor”.  Minimum floor space for leasing is 25 m2, but smaller space can be leased through one of the existing MSP’s having space in the facility.

LMD use water for cooling allowing up to 50 KW/rack using LCP (liquid cooling packages). In the data hall one can choose between LCP, Zucs or CRAH depending on density required.