Showcasing IT containers designated for the facility

This week Lefdal Mine Datacenter (LMD) participates in Europe’s largest technology event in Hannover in Germany – CeBIT. Together with their partners, Rittal, Innovo Cloud and IBM, LMD are exhibiting two IT containers that later will be installed in the data center. The highly secure mountain hall facility off the west coast of Norway will set a new standard for the data center industry. It will be among the most secure, flexible and green datacenters in Europe and at the same time delivering leading low cost for data center capacity. In the containers provided by Rittal, IBM will offer managed backup- and disaster recovery services to new and existing clients, and InnovoCloud will show case a balance cloud center (BCC).

Data center 5G – The industrialization

Lefdal Mine Datacenter and its partners is bringing to market a set of offerings, which positions Lefdal Mine as a green 5G datacenter. The solution is unique. Physical scalability through container co-location with low physical provisioning time. High physical data center automation through fully standardized IT container and industrialized container logistics. Fully prefabricated and managed cloud hardware containers enabling dark site operations. Extending physical container co-location through fully elastic virtual data centers. Portfolio of Cloud and Resiliency Services provide the basis to an agile and highly reliable IT platform taking away the need to deal with physical datacenter constraints.

Key benefits data center 5G

The features of a 5G data center provides unique values to customers. Customers will move to OPEX instead of huge CAPEX for IT infrastructure investments. Time to market is quicker – massively improved Infrastructure provisioning times. Pay as you go for what you use instead of paying reserved but unused capacity, and elastic scalability on all data center levels from physical space to virtual IT resources.

Construction on time – Live for new customers March 2017

The construction process is ongoing. The data center will be operational in March 2017. Several customers have already signed with LMD.

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