Remote Hands

Our Remote Hands Service provides professional support to customers requiring emergency, planned and routine maintenance. With our Remote Hands, customers are able to respond more quickly to emergencies, reduce travel time to and from the data center, improve uptime, and reduce the cost of infrastructure management and maintenance.

The datacenter is staffed 24/7 with technical staff ensuring highly skilled resources and support across a wide range of products and technical skill sets. They ensure a fast and cost effective model to resource, manage and deliver new configurations, relocation, documentation, reconfigurations and removal/disposal. Lefdal Mine Datacenter can also provide logistical and planning services. In addition to internal resources, there are different sub-contractors.


LocalHost is the leading MSP (Managed service provider) in the region. They currently run two datacenter operations with national and international clients, using the same cooling solutions, and preferred rack solution as LMD. LocalHost offer senior remote hand services. Personnel is equipped with HD camera helmets and can communicate directly with clients by both video and voice when in the white space area. LocalHost has developed its own ticketing and support/CRM solution. Their operators are devided in to three groups of competence:

Junior IMAC operator

Limited experience, a trainee, a senior student or newly graduate. Typical work is physical handling of hardware, cabling to PDU and disposal. This type of operator is often supporting a higher class of operator when more hands are required.

IMAC operator

More than 5 years of experience. Performs all IMAC/D services and can manage a team of Junior IMAC operators. This type of operator will require project manager support from a Senior IMAC operator in larger operations.

Senior IMAC operator

More than 10 years of experience, higher degree of education. In addition to standard IMAC/D services, a senior IMAC operator will be able to function as an on-site manager for the customer. This includes services like:

  • Develop and maintain project work plans, estimates, and schedules for a small project or multiple concurrent projects.
  • Manage and document facilities work orders and customer service requests.
  • Manage vendor activities and monitor progress to ensure that objectives are achieved.
  • Provide support for a variety of projects within the Data Center.
  • Interact with Data Center Management, Property Management, and Staff on project efforts
  • Develop and maintain operational process, procedures and as-built drawings.
  • Ability to communicate verbally and in writing as required for customer interaction.
  • Perform preventative maintenance and repairs on customer equipment.


InfoCare is the leading independent Service Provider in the Nordics and are a part of the eco system in the facility. InfoCare supplies helpdesk/ticketing/support services if required by customer.

Other Suppliers

In addition to LocalHost and Infocare there are a wide range of suppliers that can deliver services related to cabling, rack installation and electrical installations. The following are all located within 20 min from the facility.

  • Ulvesund Elektro
  • Eid Elektro
  • Sætren Installasjon
  • Caverion


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