Norway has a unique power proposition. Large surplus production of green, low cost power.  Norway is ranked number 1 in the world on secure, accessible and diversified energy supply.

Low power costs

The last 20 years Norway has been one of the price leading markets in Europe. Increasing production ensures low prices also for the future. In addition, the Norwegian government in 2016 reduced the consumption fee with 0,125 NOK/kWh.

Unlimited access

The national grid, connected to several hydro-power plants in the vicinity of Lefdal Mine Datacenter, provides the facility with sufficient power for any foreseeable future.

The grid loss is at an absolute minimum.  The current power supply has a statistical reliability of 99.97% (last 10 years), which is consistent with Tier-III requirements. The total power production in the area is presently 12.7 TWh (100 % renewable). The planned capacity for the data center will be ramped up in steps as the project develops.

Green Power

98.5 % of total power production is Hydroelectricity. Norway produces nearly twice as much renewable energy as any other Nordic country.

Technical specifications 

  • One hydroelectric power source – A second independent feed is planned in 2018
  • N+1 generators
  • A+B UPS power, each UPS being 1600kVA with internal N+1 redundancy. The setup delivers 2N +1 power redundancy to each rack
  • Bus bars from each UPS-cluster with tap off boxes to two PDUs in each IT rack (2N redundancy)

We can offer different power densities ranging from 2-50 kW per rack.


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