Leading TCO

Lefdal Mine Datacenter offer one of the lowest total cost of operations (TCO) in Europe. Compared to other data centers one can expect to reduce the cost with 50%.

The main drivers for reducing cost are price of power, amount of power needed and the cost of space and capacity. Our unique location, the facility itself and our world leading cooling solution, presents a unique product to the market.

Power – Green and stable at low cost

The price of power in Norway is one of the lowest in Europe. The price can be negotiated in long-term contracts. The power production in the area is 100 % renewable (hydropower and windmills). The total capacity in the region is 12.7 TWh. From this 6.7 TWh is surplus production, which is currently being exported out of the area. Norway is ranked as one the most power secure countries in the world.

Leading Cooling Solution

IBM/CH2M HILL concludes that the Lefdal Mine Datacenter cooling solution will enable the facility to run with an industry leading PUE once the design is fully developed. The cooling solution offers a 20-30% improvement compared to current leading edge designs, both operational and those under construction in Europe. This leads to both a greener solution and a cost effective solution with low PUE.

Low construction costs

The mine is already there. The cost of land is limited and the investments to be made to secure redundant power and fiber infrastructure, and to build out the cooling solution, are low. The mine gives natural EMP security and there is lesser need of perimeter fencing and other investments in physical security. The construction cost pr. MW is 30-60% lower than standard DC build outs in Europe.


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