LMD is a carrier-neutral supplier of data center services providing highly secure environments for housing and connectivity of IT and network systems. As a tenant, you decide on your carrier or peering partner. The choice of connectivity providers in our data centers enables you to compare offers and reduce your costs while increasing performance. You will also benefit from a community of potential partners and customers  housed in the same data center.

All suppliers can deliver multiple fiber runs of capacity from national commercial access points (NIX, BIX), and to the nearby UNINETT connection points. The suppliers have redundant paths to the local distribution point. Lefdal Mine Datacenter is a part owner in one of the infrastructures.

Our data center have two Carrier-Meet-Me-Rooms to guarantee redundancy at all times. The rooms are subject to strict regulations for access and cable management to ensure the maximum security. Standard connection for a designated IT space is 12 fiber pairs connecting customer IT space with Meet-Me Room A and 12 fiber pairs connecting customer IT space with Meet-Me room B.


Client capacity can be in the form of dark fiber, wavelength and layer2 IP transport from the data center to customer chosen location. Redundant and independent fiber connections route into the site. A+B fiber network terminated in each designated container and whitespace area. Two redundant meet-me rooms are available for external and intra connection needs.


Lefdal Mine Datacenter can connect to London with 17 ms latency round trip. The same route offers great access to Ireland and US. Frankfurt and Amsterdam at 20 and 22 ms round trip.

Traffic to mainland Europe will either go through UK, Sweden or Denmark.


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