The width of the streets allows placement of containers on both side of the street with a transportation route in the middle. The height of the streets is 17 m and the containers are stacked in 3 heights. Using container-based solutions provides a rational production remotely, quick installation in the facility and the equipment can easily be replaced or moved.  The solution includes racks for the containers and access through stairs were applicable.

There are access roads to designated client areas allowing secure transportation and handling of IT equipment. The facility has special designed electrical vehicles that handle up to 30 tons fully loaded IT containers. Lease of containers is offered in both Capex and Opex models.

Rittal – Standard Modules

Rittal has developed specially designed “Standard Modules” as a housing solution tailor-made for Lefdal Mine Datacenter. The modules consists of server racks, raised floor, LCP’s, PDR racks and network racks. It fits either into IT containers, dedicated data halls or in security rooms. The modules are available in different sizes – 6 to 12 server racks – with densities from 5 to 30 kW/rack. They can be adapted in N+1 or N+N environments. Standardization ensures high quality, lower price and short delivery time. Time to market is 10-12 weeks from purchase order.

  • Optimized System
  • Scalable
  • Plug and Play
  • Modular
  • Short time to market
  • Pre-Certified Solution
Standardized Housing Solutions
Standard modulesTierPower/RackCoolingServer racksNetwork rackPipingLCP units
Module 1N+15 KW60 KW12114
Module 2N+N5 KW50 KW10126
Module 3N+110 KW100 KW10116
Module 4N+N10 KW100 KW10126
Module 5N+120 KW200 KW10116
Module 6N+130 KW300 KW10116
  • Steel container – water-tight steel frame
  • Outdoor installation tolerant
  • 2 double-paneled security doors
  • Dimensions 12,192×3,000×3,000 mm
  • 300 mm raised floor – 600 x 600 mm
  • Energy distribution and door system
  • 19” rack systems, TS-IT
  • Power distribution PDU
  • Server and network racks 600x2000x1200 mm – Installation height 42 U
  • LCP Inline flush integrated in the Rack-Row – 300x2000x1200 mm


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