Virtual Private Cloud Services & Custom Private Cloud Platforms

iNNOVO Cloud GmbH is a german based IT AS A SERVICE PLATFORM PROVIDER. Our focus is the implementation and operation of virtual private cloud platforms. These platforms comprise of standardized components which are compiled individually according to customer requirements. Along with our extensive know-how in datacenter operation and cloud computing we manage to find the fine balance between ‘as standardized as possible’ and ‘as tailor-made as necessary’. Our strong and reliable partners help us to deliver turnkey solutions with exactly the service that our customers need. Starting from unmanaged Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) Solutions up to full-managed Software as a Service (SaaS) products, the customer can always choose for himself how much service and support he wants to acquire from us. Startups, SMEs and large enterprises feel equally supported by our ITaaS concept, because we enable their business to stay agile and react fast & dynamic to the challenges of their market segment.

Custom Hardware Stack

  • Balanced Cloud Center according to customer needs
  • Standardized Blobs: Compute, Memory or Storage intense (z.B. HANA or HPC)
  • From physical structure up to IaaS Management
  • Turnkey delivery and fast time-to-market

Standard Hardware Stack

  • iNNOVO defines the hardware component mix of the platform
  • Customer benefits from „as a Service“ Sourcing Model
  • High availibility-setup stretched over iNNOVOs multi-cloud DC locations

iNNOVO Services in Lefdal Mine

Self-Service OpenStack Cloud

Manage and provision your IaaS resources by yourself via Multi-Region OpenStack Management Plane – as a Service. Virtual Private or dedicated setup of the Management Plane; and API-based access or via web-front-end.

Full Managed Virtual Private Cloud

Define your IaaS requirements and get a full managed virtual IT on shared or dedicated VMware Stack. Full managed up to the level of the operating system and ready for any database and other platforms.

vHPC – High Performance Computing as a Service

Industrial High Performance Computing (HPC) – Custom built architecture to solve cutting-edge problems. HPC architectures scale due to the parallization of the used CPUs that get extended easily by adding additional nodes and integrating them to the system.

High Performance Data Analysis (HPDA) – In-memory data base architectures (such as HANA) for analyzing & processing large data sets for real-time or near real-time requirements.

Big Data – Storage intense blob configuration, for storing large amounts of data up to n Petabytes sizings in one Container.

The overall efficiency of the High Performance as a Service portfolio in Lefdal Mine is extra-ordinary due to the low energy costs and high power density (PUE < 1,15 and up to 20 KW per Rack).

Custom Private Cloud Platforms

We deploy highly scalable Custom Private Cloud Platforms, e.g. for heavy resource-consuming workloads, such as High Performance Computing, High Performance Data Analysis, Big Data and IoT. Turnkey delivery starting from standardized Rittal components such as Cooling/UPS to IT, compute & network equipment up to fully integrated OpenStack platforms.

  • Optimized IT resources for specialized workloads (e.g. HPC, HPDA, vHana, Smart Factory, IoT)
  •  Standardised Blobs with different flavours (e.g. compute, RAM or storage intense)
  • Each blob consists of 2 Racks, and has power capacity of up to 50 KW
  • Blobs fit into Containers as well as Security Rooms
  • Service Model starts at physical infrastructure to Managed Services
  • e.g. with turnkey virtualization management OpenStack enabling fully automated IaaS

Personalize your Blobs, with your requested flavor

  • High-Performance Computing (Compute intense)
  • Big Data (RAM & Storage intense)
  • IOPS (High Performance Storage)
  • Storage/Archive (large storage sizes)
  • IoT (HPC & Storage Intense)

Your Benefits

  • High power density up to 50 KW per Rack
  • Low-Latency data processing
  • Cost & Mobility benefits
  • On-Demand: 100% pay-as-you-go model with no CAPEX investments
  • Turnkey delivery & fast tome-to-market




Personalized Cloud Workplace incl. individually integrable applications


Up to full managed PaaS für ISVs, StartUps and Fintechs


Automated SAP Hana aaS Platform


Multitenant capable and fully automated SaaS solutions


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