European leading Cooling solution

Lefdal Mine Datacenter is one of the world’s most energy effective datacenters. The cooling solution will lead to a PUE ranging from 1.08-1.10. 3% of the power spent on IT is used for cooling given 5KW/rack.  


Seawater and freshwater circuit

The solution is based on cold seawater used as cooling source through a heat exchanger for a closed fresh water circuit that cools computers via the integrated cold air radiators. The proximity to the fjord ensures access to unlimited 7,5 C seawater year around. The fjord is deep (565 meters) and has 4 glaciers connected to it.  The mine is situated just below sea level so there is no need to use energy lifting the water.


The seawater will cool down the fresh water circuit from 30 C to 18 C and enter back into the fjord at 12 C. Experts have verified through research that this will have no impact on the marine life due to the size of the fjord and the tide. 


The prototype has been running for three years at LocalHost AS – an IT consultancy and operation company with its own datacenter within the group.


Certified by IBM/CH2M Hill

IBM/CH2M HILL concluded that the Lefdal Mine cooling solution will enable the facility to run with an industry leading PUE under 1.1 once design is fully developed. The cooling solution offers 20-30% improvement over current leading edge designs operational or under construction in Europe.


Technical specifications

  • A+B salt water pipelines from the fjord to exchangers (2N redundancy) in a technical room.
  • A+B fresh water pipelines from exchangers to each data center (2N redundancy)
  • CRACs (perimeter coolers/fan coils) will present cold air through the raised floor plenum to the front of each rack. (N+1 redundancy)
  • Hot air from the racks will be contained and led into a false ceiling returning this air to the CRAC units for re-cooling.
  • Containment is used to avoid mixing of cold/hot air in the data center.
  • Supplement with InRow coolers if higher power density is required.